With the right allies, challenges turn into opportunities

We promote the competitiveness of global service organizations through the creation of customer experiences designed with human-centered methodologies, and the development of successful ecosystems that put the organization, leadership, processes and technology at the service of the Value proposition.


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Founder | Customer Experience & Behavioural Design specialist

A passionate and sought-after global keynote speaker, Angeles consistently leverages her knowledge of Business Transformation strategy best practices. She has a degree in Business Administration specialized in tourism and an MBA and is fluent in 3 languages. She has run her own companies since 1999. Today, she operates through her consultancy firm, "The Creative Dots". 

Author of the book "The Time Is Now" and nominated as one of the TOP 100 2020 most influential female leaders in Spain, she is recognized expert in guiding organizations achieve strategic change and unite company stakeholders in a common vision. 

Angeles works on Business Experience strategy development and implementation across organizational hierarchies, service and product sells and customer experiences. Her projects include the building of internal and customer focussed value propositions, the development of Customer Experience growth strategies and the formulation and implementation of technology and digitization programs. Innovation, challenge and experience underpin all of her work. 

“Organizations have the opportunity to create the future by understanding human behavior & remaining adaptable to change" Veronica Gonzalez G-N

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 Business & Digital Transformation Advisor

Former Vice President Digital B2B at NH Hotel Group


Recognized for her 25+ years of professional experience in the travel and experiences industry and her global, innovative and symbiotic business vision that she applies to the business to lead strategic initiatives for business transformation, customer experience and B2B digital.  

She has a great ability to lead projects, adopting different methodologies according to the purpose, need and available resources.


She has been part of top-level multinational companies such as The Walt Disney Company - Parks & Resorts, Amadeus IT Group, American Airlines and NH Hotel Group, where she is currently Vice President Digital B2B.


She is so obsessed with creating value propositions,  experiences and lines of business, how to execute them and measure the results, that is why one of her favorite quotes is:


"Vision without execution is just hallucination" ~ Henry Ford. 

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Gerrit Jessen  

Coach | Speaker | advisor | Mentor in the Meetings Industry

Experienced professional with over 25 years of business and leadership experience in strategic growth, management and training of companies, associations and institutions in the global online and live meetings industry.

Drives you:  

- LEAD with a volunteer SPIRIT and an entrepreneurial MINDSET.

- Listen to understand, not to respond.

- Do not motivate, create an environment of self-motivation.

- Leaders train, others complain.

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Strategist in marketing, communication & strategic events 

Always focused on people and putting their needs at the centre of everything. 


With more than 8 years of global experience in different areas of the sector: Agencies & Events, Business Intelligence and Transformation & Innovation Consulting for leaders, teams, organizations and communities.


Currently, coordinating innovation projects with design thinking strategies to inspire, impact and transform human behaviour.


In parallel, globetrotter, athlete, entrepreneur, piscean, dreamer, adventurer and motivator.

We also have an agile collaboration ecosystem, in which we incorporate ad-hoc first-line professionals in disciplines such as: competitive intelligence, transformational leadership, service quality testing, visual design, etc.