TCD is integrated by a fantastic multicultural team of transformation strategists specialized in engagement and customer experience, creative people, innovative consultants, experts in event and learning experience design, hospitality and live communication specialists. The perfect constellation is tailor-made for the advantage of our clients and partners in each project.


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CEO | Customer Experience & Behavioural design specialist

Entrepreneurial, positive, inspiring and challenging. She is able to bring out the best over the good from the team. She lives a constant learning curve and when nobody sees her, incredible things happen in her brain. #TheTimeIsNOW

Angeles is an internationally recognized expert in her field. She has 20+ years of professional experience, 18 years as entrepreneur, 16 years dedicated to her own event management company. 


Regular Keynote speaker in main events with topics like Women Empowerment, Organizational Change and Experience Design. Recent past years, she has devoted the larger part of her time to her passion: strategic consulting.

Her constant search to continue evolving and learning has taken her to specialised in Customer Experience, Human Centered & Behaviour Design and launched the specialist consulting firm the Creative dots. With offices in Madrid and Berlin, TCD is specialise in the design of people-centred solutions and Learning and Transformational Experiences and has developed its own innovative method helping organizations to embrace change: CX Design Playbook.


Trusted advisor collaborates regularly with organizations around the world to define strategic lines of growth and development. During the year 2019 was appointed for MPI | Meeting Professionals International (USA) as Senior Advisor for Europe. More recently as strategic advisor for the organization Women in Digital Switzerland.

Author of the book The Time Is Now, developing critical issues as the transformation as an opportunity for professional and personal growth and development.

She also holds the tittle of Spanish Director of the Event Design Collective, implementing the innovative Event Canvas™ Methodology through  training and consulting services.


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Senior Consultant & Partner Germany TCD

Experienced Professional with 25+ years of entrepreneurial and leadership expertise strategically growing, managing and training companies, associations and institutions in the Global Meetings Industry.


MPI Accredited Trainer. Certified Meeting Professional (CMP). Certification in Meeting Management (CMM) & Certified Event Designer (CED)


What drives me: LEADING with a volunteer SPIRIT and an entrepreneurial MINDSET. Listen to understand, not to answer. Don’t motivate, create a self-motivating environment. There is work in networking. No risk, no failure, no gain. With contemplation comes inspiration.


On a personal note I am #Traveller #USofAFan #Motorbikedriver #Whatifthinker #Capetownlover #JansFather #MartinasHusband #Usedomlover #Amrumfan #SMARTdriver #Glashalffulltype #BorninHamburg 

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Estratega en marketing, comunicación & eventos estratégicos. 

Always focused on people and putting their needs at the centre of everything. He speaks with a Venezuelan accent, even though he does not want to. He considers himself a person of integrity, empathy and extremely happy.


With more than 8 years of global experience in different areas of the sector: Agencies & Events, Business Intelligence and Transformation & Innovation Consulting for leaders, teams, organizations and communities.


Currently, coordinating innovation projects with design thinking strategies to inspire, impact and transform human behaviour.


In parallel, globetrotter, athlete, entrepreneur, piscean, dreamer, adventurer and motivator.


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andrea soto

Event Consultant · Account, Event & Project Manager · CX Lover


Entrepreneur, lover of the projects with soul and the magic of each person. She loves enjoying little moments, when big ideas appear.


She has a large experience in the communication sector, working with big brands such as New Balance, Gin Mare, L'Óreal, among others. For more than 5 years she connects people and organizations through marketing strategies and events and also helps entrepreneurs to achieve better results with their communication strategies.


Andrea strongly believes education is the major evolution, reason why she is constantly learning as well as sharing her experiences and knowledge whenever she can.


"I believe in the importance of creativity, active listening and empathy to achieve success".

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mÓnicA albuja

PCC Executive Coach by ICF*, expert in leadership, neuroscience, talent management and effective communication 

She has 15+ years holding positions of responsibility as Marketing Director and has developed a professional career in multinationals such as Coca Cola, Procter & Gamble, Campari group and Meliá Hotels. 


Over 10 years ago she founded her company following her passion for exploring how, at the crossroads of communication, neuroscience and coaching, human transformation is born to transform, drive and improve the way we work, communicate and relate to each other and thus lead our lives, work and businesses. Founder of the leadership model "Leading the New" and the high-performance programme for coaches "The Coach MBA".


As the founder of her own company created to improve the value of people, she provides her clients with in-depth research and reflection to quickly understand the strategic opportunities which will improve their business while increasing the company's value, talent and essential wealth, through her own methodology and organizational, executive and team coaching with their management.

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Elena Urizar



As we entered the new millennium, she began to work on what is now known as User Experience, supporting the integration of this discipline as a strategic element in the development of projects, and collaborating with clients in establishing dialogue between their brand and the new communication channels. 


In previous periods, she worked as a designer in various advertising agencies as well as at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, and she has also worked in communication account management. For more than 10 years she has been responsible for designing and coordinating online projects at Indra Sistemas. Currently she is putting into practice the value of the experiences combination, which has allowed her development as a professional of visual facilitation under her brand VISUALEA, playing an active role in the IFVP (International Forum of Visual Practitioners) as a Board Member. She graduated in "Bellas Artes", completed a Master in Corporate Communication and has been trained in Relationship Coaching. 


"As a child I dreamed of being a cartoonist and always represented my thoughts visually, looking for opportunities to become a tool for comprehension and communication".

#Visualisation #Analysis #problem solving #Information design #Process visualisation #Visual thinking #Synthesis #GraphicRecording #Storytelling #GraphicFacilitation #Sketchnoting #Team management