Hand in hand with SAGE, we worked on an internal consulting project for a strategic analysis of the events tool and through its strategic design we were able to position the event, both in a face-to-face and online format, as a tool which seeks to transform the behaviour of its stakeholders and thus STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION AND COMMERCIAL CHANNEL.

Through the innovative and visual methodology of event design, based on Design Thinking, EventCanvas.

By introducing the Event Canvas methodology into the workflow of the SAGE team, the TEAMS RESPONSIBLE FOR EVENT DESIGN invest, edition by edition, less time in the definition of strategy and increase efficiency, while maintaining a high level of satisfaction among the event's stakeholders. Events at SAGE become a strategic element that supports the company's objectives and therefore becomes a strength and competitive advantage.

“Discovering this Methodology has meant a change of mentality that has allowed me to add accrued value to the experience I have been acquiring in the area of event management and planning over the years”.