Book: The Time is Now - Digital Version in english

Book: The Time is Now - Digital Version in english


Despite what it may seem, crises are opportunities, and while at

the time it may be hard to see, history has proven that this is the

case. And the current COVID-19 crisis is no exception.


We are the protagonists of a historic moment, a pandemic that has

shaken the deepest foundations of our society. COVID-19 is an

accelerator. Nothing is new, but everything has been sped up, as if

an invisible tsunami has spurred us toward radical changes in our

customs and ways of life both socially and individually. That is



In this turbulent, unknown and uncertain context this book was

born. As a need to share how to face the inevitable: transformation.

Positive lessons may be drawn from this global catastrophe, even

if we may not be able to see them right now.


This narrates in the first person the inspiring story of Ángeles

Moreno, a fighter, daring, and vibrant woman who embraced

transformation and evolving with change to achieve her success.


And you know what is the best part? Her story is not unique.


You too can undergo change!