We lead the innovation of a global pharmaceutical company

The Creative dots promotes innovation in the biopharmaceutical sector, through a consulting project in Design Thinking within a company of recognized prestige in this segment and of North American origin with a subsidiary in Madrid!

The project started with an audit to identify areas for improvement, deepening in these areas and initiating, through different sessions of analysis and joint co-creation, the path towards a transformation process of the Congress and Events department with the aim of making it a strategic partner within the company, integrating this department when defining events in a strategic way and providing a differentiating value beyond the logistical execution of the event. 

“We had high hopes (and plenty of eyes on us😊) for the project and I was sure there would be a before and after...HURRAY tCd!”. 

It has been a real pleasure to work with you, we have a lot to thank all the great team you form at tCd and we still have a lot to LEARN and a long way to go..