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In opposition to what it may seem, crisis are opportunities and even though now it’s difficult to understand it, history has proved it that way. The actual Covid-19 crisis won’t be the exception. 


We are the main characters of this historical moment. A pandemic that has shaken the deepest foundations of our society. The Covid-19 is an accelerator. Nothing is new but everything has precipitated, like an invisible tsunami that has taken us into a radical change in our habits and lifestyle, both socially and individually. And that is impressive.


On that matter, unknown and uncertain this book was born. As a necessity for sharing how to face the unavoidable: Transformation. From this catastrophic worldwide situation, we can pull out positive lessons even if right now is not easy to see them.


This book explains in first person the inspirational story of Ángeles Moreno. A fighter, audacious and vital woman who has learned to embrace transformation and evolved with change to achieve success. Her success.


Do you know what is the best of all? That her story is not unique. You can also join and embrace change!

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