In this case, more than a project, a symbiosis has been created between the two companies: Bacus Eventos & the Creative dots. In this project, the TCD team, through its own CXDesign Playbook Transformation methodology, has contributed to the design of a unique and differential value proposal, aligned with the company's business objectives, strengthening Bacus Eventos' customer acquisition and fidelity plan, as well as a long-term communication plan to improve its positioning.

Among other points, we have worked on the definition of Bacus' client, tCd has identified the internal talent and we have worked with them to understand the needs of their main clients by activating empathy, active listening and the power to surprise. Within the framework of this consultancy, tCd & Bacus Eventos have worked on all the dots of the CXDesign Playbook, achieving the client's objective, putting the focus on all the points of improvement identified in our consultancy sessions. 


It has been one of those life projects, a pleasure BACUS, we continue to be by your side!

I met Ángeles Moreno at a presentation for the MICE sector. Her vitality, positiveness and innovative approach to event design captivated me. At that moment it was clear to me that I wanted to implement her methodology in our company, and a few weeks later we were already working on a tailor-made project for our needs. Angeles, with the Creative Dots team, designed the implementation of the Customer Centric methodology to base our service on the client's experience. In addition, we were introduced to Event Design Thinking, a visual and creative methodology that allows us to define very well the interests of the participants and design successful events regardless of their complexity. 


We know that constant improvement is the basis for maintaining and generating new clients, so, with the help of Ángeles and the tCd team, we rethought and changed the way we relate to the client and the way we create events. We carried out the transformation with in-person training sessions, where we carried out dynamics to put ourselves in the skin of the clients, we got to know empathy maps, we worked with hundreds of post-its... The in-person dynamics were super entertaining days where we immersed ourselves in ways of working that were unknown to us. It could seem that we were playing, but really the learning was sedimented. In between training sessions, the accompaniment had been structured, to consolidate our unique method of work: in which we applied everything we had worked on and our team essence. It was an exciting time of learning. With how complicated it becomes for a company to focus and apply change, Ángeles led it in a way that seemed easy, always being close and making every modification that she thought necessary to involve the team more and achieve a real transformation. 


That's how our joint journey with TCD began. Since then, Ángeles has been our reference point in terms of Event Design and customer centric culture. She is always available: both to share good news - I remember when I wrote to her euphorically because we had gained the trust of a new client with a great event thanks to the application of the method we work on together- and also to create valuable collaboration within the events sector - with the very interesting Meet the Expert by tCd. It is a pleasure to have met this super professional and person. She inspires me.